Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sanctions can feel great...

…unless they are being imposed on you. Here’s Mir Hossein Mousavi, Iranian opposition leader, via AFP:

“We are against any sanctions against our nation. [They] will impose agonies on a nation who suffers enough from miserable statesmen.”

H/t: Andrew Sullivan.


Anonymous said...

every single real cuban I know in havana, every common person, every mother, father, street cleaner and taxista is AGAINST US embargo and blames (for right or wrong) the us embargo.

We have been 'feeding' the enemy the past 50 years with the perfect excuse. The neo-cons are despicable.

Anonymous said...

On Planet Anonymous 10:28, the US embargo forces the Castro regime to violate the human rights of the Cuban people.

Anonymous said...

anon, are you really that stupid or just playing to the crowd? if you think the embargo doesn't have an effect you really should look for other employment, like searching for the holy grail. its not just the embargo, but all hostile policies that have always had an impact on cuban national policies, as it would on any country

but once i'd like these extremists to explain what good they think is coming from the embargo -- unless they think harming the cuban people is a good thing. utterly unbelievable. get a grasp on reality will you -- everyone in cuba is against the embargo and it's your type that just doesn't understand it.