Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slow going

A document from the Havana city government indicates that beginning on Friday, applications will be accepted for new private taxi licenses, finally carrying out a policy announced last year.

AFP Spanish report here, my earlier comment here.


Fantomas said...

too little too late

Anonymous said...

How can anyone doubt the massive tide of reform sweeping Cuba forward under Raul's dynamic leadership?

Leftside and I are thrilled at this encouraging development, so different from the gloomy forecasts of the gusano mafia in Miami.

At this rate, Cuba will soon reach the economic heights achieved in 1958.

Anonymous said...

oh and how wonderful those times were in 1958, the casinos, the drugs, the street gangs, the americans walking the calles like the good old days when they owned the place, and those damn uppity cubans knew their position as second class citizens, country bums ignorant and illiterate, lucky to work a few months during the harvest time.
oh how i do so much miss those days when havana was the place to be, and you're so right, when the economy in the city was so good, better than most of the rest of Latin America. ahh, when havana was the gold and the rest of cuba, well who gave a shit. and then those damn ungrateful cubans, the ones we liberated and gave them freedom and democracy, had the gall to do what they did. for no good reason. the bastards.
ahh, the memories...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous September 10, 2009 5:54 PM,

Are you against letting American tourists and businesses back in Cuba? Talking about ungly Americans!

Vecino de NF