Monday, September 28, 2009

The Diz in Cuba

Eight days after, the recriminations continue over the Juanes concert. But one benefit is this photo published by Granma, showing the late Dizzy Gillespie, Fidel Castro, and Arturo Sandoval during one of Dizzy’s visits to Havana. If you’re interested in the recriminations, the Granma article is here.


Anonymous said...

Phil Peters,

This appears to be a distraction. This weekend's remarks by Ramiro Valdez, and Bruno Rodriguez' speech at the UN are the real news.

Vecino de NF

Ernesto said...

...and the answer is here:

Anonymous said...

Re:Vecino's comment, the full text of Bruno Rodriguez's speech at the U.N. was published today, Tue 29 Sept, in Granma and in the Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) website. I have not seen a full English translation, but I expect the MINREX will have one eventually.