Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Odds and ends

  • Spain’s La Vanguardia reports on the closure of workplace cafeterias, discussed earlier here. The reporter, Fernando Garcia, is careful not to predict the end-point of this policy, but says it has already begun and will continue rolling out over the next several months. He ties the elimination of subsidized workplace meals to Raul Castro’s policy preference of making salaries, not an assortment of benefits, the main source of income. An unknown: how much private vendors will be allowed to meet the increased lunchtime demand. An interesting nugget: the 15 pesos that workers will get to buy lunch is half the state’s cost for the cafeteria’s lunches themselves.

  • Five barefoot Cuban migrants at a convenience store in Lee County, Florida, a go-fast boat circling offshore with 40 fuel containers on board, and the feds investigating. Naples News story here.

  • New York Times: from the Industriales to the Angels, Kendry Morales is excelling.

  • AP: At the University of New Mexico, Governor Richardson talks about reciprocal moves he wants to see from the United States and Cuba.

  • Cuban Colada grabs a Russian media report on the visit of the chief of the Russian armed forces general staff to Cuba; he’s there until Friday.

  • AFP Spanish: Through October 15, Cubans are debating ways to increase production and efficiency, and to fight corruption, in their workplaces. The story is based on “material de estudio” distributed by the party in workplaces.


Anonymous said...

funny there's no comments; here's some reports on how cuban govt trying to cope and come up with some ideas, some good, some bad -- but at least its something. obviously the govt is aware of its problems at the local levels and attempts being made to address them.
but there seems to be no sense of movement within the system, only criticism of inflexibility and intransigence

Anonymous said...

Anonymous September 18, 2009 9:37 AM,

Most of these topics are being discussed elsewhere.

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