Monday, July 30, 2007

“Virtual” television

The signal of TV Marti – a “virtual” television station, as a dissident in Havana once described it to me – barely reaches Cuba, according to dozens of recent Cuban immigrants interviewed by the Associated Press.

An interesting nugget in the article: TV Marti’s idea of independent survey research is to hire one of its own contractors to report on whether the audience is growing. Good enough for government work, as the saying goes.


leftside said...

I thought we were now beaming in TV Marti via Direct TV - despite the US law against that. It is TV Azteca? Wasn't that already on the Direct TV menu?

Is it also true that Cubans lose some of their regular TV reception because of the jamming??

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The thing that all governments do best is promote their achievements. What they do badly is actually succeed in achieving the things that they claim. They say they did something then pay someone else to swear that it was so.

Mambi_Watch said...

You may have a false assumption there Mr. Estrada-Palma.

The US has done all it can to get TV/Radio Marti on the airwaves to Cuba. They are not doing anything badly, but rather trying to do something that is impossible: uninterrupted transmission into a foreign country that is easily blocking the signal.

What you call "promote" is also called "fabricate." As in Americans are being told about the fabricated successes of uninterrupted transmission of TV/Radio Marti.

leftside said...

Does anyone have anything on my questions??